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Samwel's Place

Helping Marginalised Youth Become the Best They Can Be

The William Quinter Society is a non-profit organization that supports youth, particularly 

marginalized youth, including BIPOC, LGBTQ2S, young women, at-risk youth, and youth 

dealing with mental health issues. Through these programs and services, we’re striving to 

change young lives for the better and help them achieve a brighter future.

The Contests!

Our first set of contests begins January 9th, 2023 and runs until March 17th with the winners being announced on March 31st. 

All entries should be sent to

*All artistic work entered remains solely the possession of the artist who created it and will not be used or distributed in any other way.


Short story writing (can include any genre including poetry) must be at least 9 pages long


Song writing (can include any genre of music-*clean lyrics only) full song


Acting (can be dialogue or monologue) 3-4 minutes

Video Editing

Video Editing (3 minute maximum-show off your cleanest edits)

Classical Music

Music - Classical or Jazz Any instrument - 3 minute video)

Contemporary Music

Music - Contemporary (Any intsrument-3 minute video)


Dance (singles in any style-hip hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary, acro, tap, traditional Indigenous and hoop dancing) 3 minute video


Art (can include painting, drawing, sketching, sculpture) send photos and/or video of artwork


Singing (any genre is welcome-*clean lyrics only) full song


Photography (Colour, black and white, any format) send your best work

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